GURPS Krononauts Story Book

Home Time
The campaign starts in the year 2092CE. Krononauts use the term ‘Hometime’ to refer to their present and by extension the Earth and Inhabited Solar System of 2092. ‘Hometime’ adventures can supplement those set in the past. Hometime is also the background from which most PC come from. This campaign ‘world’ includes Earth and near solar system. There are independent lunar colonies, Mars has numerous scientific facilities, and the asteroid belt is the home of diverse mining "Belters". The setting incorporates much imagined in the cyberpunk genre but without the bleak world view of the cyberpunks, a wealthier world economy, and a greater presence of biotech. The history to 2092CE is assumed to be a likely extension of current trends without apocalyptic disasters of any kind, just the usual amount of bad times expected of any period of history.
This first section deals with some details of the ‘Hometime’ background.
The fantastic aspects of the setting, time travel and psionics, are carefully described in such a way as to limit their influence. In this way a plausible background for this future world was maintained.

Campaign Type
The PCs are krononauts and rebels, time travellers who have stolen time travel technology from a powerful corporation’s secret project. The company, Stuttgart Meyer GMBH, seeks to alter history for profit. The PCs believe this provides the corporation with too much power or could have dangerous unforseen effects. The rebels therefore seek to block the corporation’s efforts. The existence of time travel is known only to krononauts. Both the corporation and the rebels fear what the powerful governments would do if the secret got out. Therefore missions proceed under a cloak of subterfuge.
Within the framework outlined above the krononauts can participate in a various adventure types. PCs should be tough, and adaptable. The group must contain individuals with a great variety of skills or complementary specialists. Missions could include exploration and investigation of the past, using time travel to glean profit to fund their group, participation in battles to prevent enemy agents changing the outcome, and other actions to prevent changes to history. The need for secrecy produces circumstances something like an espionage campaign. This is especially true during ‘Hometime’ missions.