1.2 Organisations

Organisations provide background, opponents, encounters, and allies for PCs. PCs must also endeavour to keep the secret of time travel from these powerful groups.
Only in the USA is there a power struggle between the government and the corporations. Corporation grew powerful in the USA in previous decades of hyper-capitalism. Elsewhere the corporation must tread carefully for fear of government reprisals. However, even in the USA the government is far more powerful than any single corporation. One large corporation has a distinct secret advantage, the ability to time travel (Meyer Stuttgart GMBH p13).
Criminal Organisations
The sophistication of the surveillance technologies available to the Law has driven many criminal organisations to extinction. Those that remain are highly sophisticated multinational crime syndicates operating not only on Earth but also throughout the settled inner solar system. Criminal organisations make good opponents for PCs. They are also another group of organisations who must never be allowed to discover the existence of time travel. However, many dangerous goods and suspect services needed by a secretive rebel group might only be available through illegal channels.
International Criminal Court
The ICC trials those accused of crimes against humanity including human rights abuses, war crimes, and unauthorised weapons of mass destruction. Should the UN become aware of time travel possession of an unauthorised time machine would likely be a crime judged at this level. The ICC maintains its own small force of elite commandoes charged with bringing breakers of international law to trial.
Intelligence Agencies
Espionage is very common. Nations and corporations maintain intelligence agencies. The UN is also rumoured to have spies to supply information to the Peacekeepers and Inspection Service. Any of these agencies could be wily opponents should the Krononauts raise suspicion. Krononauts are also likely to be mistaken for foreign spies in many historical eras.
United Nations Inspection Service
The inspection service is empowered to search for weapons of mass destruction and human rights abuses on Earth and beyond. Should the nations become aware of time travel technology the Inspection Service would likely be assigned to finding unauthorised time machines.
The UN Peace Keepers now have their own small dedicated naval and space forces both designed to transport troops and supply logistics. The Peacekeepers are often assigned to disperse tensions between the many small national space colonies and facilities within the solar system. They also act as a space rescue service and police unauthorised expansions of national facilities on other worlds. Krononauts on missions to troubled regions in the near-past and present are likely to encounter Peacekeepers.
Research Institutes and Universities
The world has numerous research institutes and universities. These can be supported by philanthropic foundations, government grants, or corporations. Many experts with knowledge useful in past eras could be recruited from these institutes.
Space Agencies
Most nations in the late 21st century have active well funded space agencies. These bodies further the nations goals within the developing inner solar system and in richer nations are charged with exploring beyond the frontier in the outer solar system. Space agency activities include exploration, planetary survey, para-military actions, scientific investigation, and building national space infrastructure. Any mission beyond the Earth’s atmosphere will encounter one or more space agencies.
World Trade Organisation
The WTO plays an important role in regulating the world economy and ensuring that the nations abide by UN trade agreements.