Fifth Scene: Court of Bogor, Pajaran Empire, West Java. February 27th, 1525

Once rested in the court of the Pajaran Empire, the party went on their separate ways. Robert felt the need to visit his own people, and to enjoy the pleasures of gambling, fine drink, smoke and female companionship and wasn't seen for a couple of days. The big grin on his face upon his return seems to indicate that he was successful in all fields of endeavour.

Topeng in contrast was engaged in lengthy discussions with court officials and nobles concerning their experience and decision of the Badui and the descriptions of the from Banyak Tikkus' dreams. The court is very interested in this development, as having the Badui as allies will provide a means to protect, for a short period of time at least, their nominal holdings along the west coast as well as provide an escape route for a worst case scenario.

Macario and Banyak travel to the markets, the former to trade some of the heavy cloth that was originally destined for the port of Banten and the latter for the sheer experience of city life. There they meet a Hakka merchant, Wen who owns a scroll case detailing the surrounds of the very temple which Banyak dreamed of! Commentary on the various maps are, of course, written in the script of the Chinese. Wen explains that the scroll-case belonged to a relative, a Buddhist monk, many years ago.

The three return to the court to inform Topeng of their discovery. Court officials now consider finding the temple, and the remains of Maribaya, an imperative to ensure the alliance with the Badui, and offer the party a respectable sum of money for their assistance, which is graciously received, along with an escort of a dozen of the court's warriors to protect the village of Carita.

Topeng goes back to his research to further discern exactly where this temple is. During one of these more restful eves there is a series of events that begin with a strange dream for Banyak Tikkus...

The Dream of Banyak Tikkus

You dream that you are frolicking through the thick jungle and reeds with a some of your friends. It is dark, the ground is moist underfoot, there are sounds of a nearby river and there are smells of delightful foods in the air. Wait. Underfoot? That should be underpaw.

You are a rat. Your friends are rats. You are all happy rats, undisturbed in a jungle utopia.

Your playful friends scurry about, egging you onwards. There, on a small mound is your "pet" from the real world, Tikkus. Your friends recede from sight, leaving only yourself and Tikkus.

Tikkus speaks to you: "Hello my little friend. I have a suggestion for you. You should go to the holy temple of Borobudor and find Maribaya. He will awaken within you certain powers which you are beginning to suspect yourself capable of. But first you must find Maribaya. If you want such powers of course."

Once again you see a vision of the giant temple.

There is rolling thunder and the sound of rain. A foul smell fills the air. You see approaching a enormous white rat with glowing red eyes and bloody teeth. Tikkus rises and his hindpaws, nose forward at this new creature. "No!", he exclaims, "It is not yet time! She is not ready! Begone, spirit of wrong! Begone!"

Tikkus launches himself at the foul giant rat with tooth and claw. "Run!", he cries, "Run like you've never run before little friend!" You need little encouragement with this, the most frightening and realistic dream of your life. Quickly you turn tail and run as fast as your little legs can carry you. The sounds of bloody squeaking fill your head and you run deeper into the undergowth into the safety of darkness. Suddenly there is a massive crashing sound and you wake up...

The Escape of Babas Babi

Banyak Tikkus awakes in a start drenched in sweat. A figure is standing by her bed in the darkness, having caused a commotion by knocking over several platters. Guards and members of the party rush to the scene with torches revealing in the flickering light.... Babas Babi, the young Bandui translator of Sunan Gunungjati.

"I couldn't stay", explains Babas. "Sunan was always too cruel to me. I had to run away. I thought that you would come here, because I listened to what Topeng Wayang was saying. He is a kind man. I want to stay with Topeng. Can't I stay with Topeng?"

Babas explains that following Sunan's defeat at the debate with the Badui, he swore many things about them and questioned their sexual habits. He said he would raise a massive army to destroy the lands of the Badui and crush the Hindu's kingdom of Pajaran. "Everyone of the Badui will be killed!", he exclaimed, "and I will start with you!" and he hit Babas with a barbed cane (the wounds on his back testify to this). Apparently Babas was blamed due to his supposed poor translation skills.

Topeng who was still awake working his way through old maps, is clearly pleased to see Babas again. "Welcome back Babas", he says. "But I have some other news. I know the name of the temple!"

"Borobudor", interrupts Banyak Tikkus. "The name of the temple is Borobudor." Topeng looks in amazement. "How do you know?", he asks. Banyak then relays her dream.

Topeng's research suggests that the Borobudor, the moutain of the ten stages of the Boddhivista, is located somewhere near the massive Hindu temple complex of Pramabanan, although it has been lost for hundreds of years. He has determined that the quickest safest passage is to return to Carita and to take Macario's caravel along the west and south coast to a small port village. This of course has its own dangers. The seas around that coast can be very dangerous and the lands are wild. Neverthelss, in terms of avoiding the powerful new sultanates along the north coast there really is no other alternative.

Banyak checks Tikkus to see whether he is alright. He looks as Banyak expectantly and she notices a very recent and quite nasty wound on his back. She shows the rest of the party and treats the wound.